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Making sure you have reliable transportation is a great concern for many people and this is exactly the same for wheelchair users, their families and caretakers. Finding a reliable, easy way to get around without spending too much is important for an enjoyable and stress free lifestyle.

By far the best way to travel around is with a wheelchair accessible vehicle or car (also called WAVs for short). A WAV provides a convenient, cost effective way for wheelchair users to travel.

Every wheelchair user is different and each has differing needs based on their lifestyles. One car that’s right for you might not be right for another wheelchair user.

Major factors to consider can include:

Vehicle size (height and overall size for storage)

Number of doors and door size

Ramps vs Lifts

Electric vs manual ramps

Space for luggage and other passengers

Keep reading to read more about these key factors and how thinking about them can help in choosing the right WAV for you.

WAV Size and Space Inside

The size of the WAV both inside and out will play the biggest role in your decision making process.

Ask yourself, do you have a lot of equipment that needs to be brought with you when travelling?

Do you have a large family or large amount of passengers accompanying you frequently?

Multiple wheelchair users to transport around?

WAVs typically come in small, medium, and large size categories.

Most look like small vans, and increase in size until they look like mini buses.

Larger WAVs allow for a smoother ride inside the car. Also, entry into the vehicle will be easier for any wheelchair user. Height is also an important factor of size. If the wheelchair user is on the tall side while seated or has a larger wheelchair they might be close to touching the roof if the WAV is too small.