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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Birmingham and their increasingly Modern Choices

Wheelchair accessible vehicles in Birmingham are making life easier for both individuals using wheelchairs as well as their caregivers. Whether it be getting to the supermarket, attending a doctors appointment, or getting around town, accessible vehicles are making it easier than ever for those in wheelchairs to get around. With the modern world becoming ever more technological, it only seems fair that wheelchair accessible vehicles Birmingham keep up with the times. Here are some ways that they are doing so:

More Accessibility Options

Accessible vehicles Birmingham are those that make it easier for wheelchairs to enter through the help of lifts and ramps. At one point in time, the only type of wheelchair accessible vehicle came in the form of a van. This is simply no longer the case. Whether you prefer van, truck, or car, all of these options are now available with both side and rear accessibility options.

More Lift Types

As said previously, the main thing that sets wheelchair accessible vehicles in Birmingham aside are the ramps that allow ease of access for those pushing a wheelchair. But in today’s modern world, there are many different lift types to choose from including:

Hydraulic Lifts (use a pump and pressure filled cylinder to do the lifting)

Electrical Mechanical Lifts (use chain or screw rod to do lifting)

Gravity Lifts (lowers to ground using gravity, lifts using power)

Platform Lifts (come in automatic and semi-automatic, solid or fold-in half)

Swing Lifts (a lift that never folds – instead it “swings in”)

Each lift has its advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to do your research and ask questions before committing to a specific type of lift.