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Purchasing wheelchair accessible cars in Dorset has changed the lives of many residents of this town. It has allowed them to get around more often without the assistance of others when climbing and disembarking the vehicle. These cars have also improved their comfort and safety during trips on the road.

You can find dealers who sell both new and used wheelchair accessible cars in Dorset on our website. Here you will also get information on specialists who customise vehicles for wheelchair access. With prices for specially adapted wheelchair accessible cars starting from £25,000, it is understandable that some may want to simply modify an available car. The price is even higher if you need more than just the standard modifications done on the car.

Wheelchair Accessible Cars in Dorset

There are two options when it comes to wheelchair accessible cars in Dorset. You can have the car adapted for the wheelchair user as a passenger or as the driver. If you will be driving the car, you have the liberty of choosing between cars in which the wheelchair can be fitted into the driving area and shifting to the driving seat from a wheelchair on the passenger side. To facilitate the latter option, some cars come with a transfer seat that swivels.

Specially designed controls for wheelchair users

The beauty of wheelchair accessible cars in Dorset is that they give physically challenged individuals a good measure of independence. You can be able to get onto the vehicle using a ramp that stretches from the door of the car to the ground. This ramp can be automatically deployed at the push of a button. Once inside the car you strap the wheelchair in place and put on your seatbelt. Using specially designed controls you can then proceed to drive yourself wherever you want. The level of independence you can gain is however also determined by the nature of your disability.