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Wheelchair Access Cars in Bloxwich

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To find the right wheelchair access cars in Bloxwich, there are a number of factors you need to consider. At the top of most every wheelchair user’s list is cost. Many people have the idea that getting wheelchair access cars in Bloxwich is an expensive affair. This is partly true, but there are ways you can spend less on this kind of vehicle. You can shop for such a car that has been used before but which is in fairly good condition.

You also need to ask yourself if you will be driving the car or be carried as a passenger. There are modifications that will need to be made on the car for wheelchair-using drivers. Pedals will need to be extended to be operable by hand and steering controls will also require adjustment. These features can be added when ordering for custom-made wheelchair cars in Bloxwich or be fitted in after purchase by a mechanic. Not just any mechanic; one from a prescribed list which is available on our website.

Wheelchair Accessible Cars

Having a wheelchair-accessible car is more than a luxury; it is a necessity for people with disabilities who would like to exercise their independence. To ensure this independence is complete, you need a car with a ramp or lift that doesn’t need to be operated by an able bodied assistant. This means you will be able to get onto the vehicle by yourself. Drive-in wheelchair-accessible cars have this feature and are thus preferred by disabled holders of driving licenses. And the good news is that such wheelchair access cars are available in and around Bloxwich.

If you will be a passenger in the wheelchair-accessible car, you will need to be able to conveniently get into your preferred sitting position. There are wheelchair access cars that have a lift at the front passenger door while others have it at the back.