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Commuting for wheelchair users can turn into a laborious hassle. Imagine having to wait for someone to help you into a bus or private vehicle. Or having to hail an expensive taxi to try and avoid having to do this cumbersome procedure in public. Small wonder many of them opt out of engagements that require them to leave the house. The nightmare of the daily commute can, however, turn into a pleasure thanks to adapted cars in Coventry. These cars allow you to board and disembark without leaving your wheelchair.

With a foldable ramp stretching from the back door of the car to the ground, wheelchair users will be able to ascend into adapted cars in Coventry with ease. The incline of the ramp is gentle and standard wheelchairs can easily be wheeled up.

Gentle and standard wheelchairs

However, there is the option of a lift for those heavy automated wheelchairs which cannot be on-boarded using ramps. Ramps don’t have to be fixed at the back of the car; they can be set beneath the side doors to allow wheelchair users to chat with the driver. There are also ramps that stretch from the back of the car all the way to the passenger position adjacent to the driver.

Adapted cars in Coventry

Whichever position wheelchair users will occupy in adapted cars in Coventry, they should feel safe and comfortable. For safety, there are straps designed to hold the wheelchair firmly in place as well as a seatbelt for the passenger. To reduce the chances of passengers bumping their heads against the ceiling of the car, some adapted cars in Coventry come with sunken floors. Tall individuals will be particularly interested in this feature.

You can get either new or used adapted cars in Coventry if you search well among the available vendors. If you can’t get a good deal, you can reach out to conversion experts who will adapt your car to be wheelchair accessible.