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Disabled Wheelchair Cars in West Bromwich

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There is a lot to see in West Bromwich and disabled cars allow physically challenged residents and visitors to enjoy the West Midlands town’s sites. With a car you can board without extra help, you can visit attractions like Sandwell Park Farm or Sandwell Country Park. If you have a valid license you can use one of the disabled cars in West Bromwich made to accommodate a wheelchair in the driving seat. Browse through our listings to see if any one of our wheelchair cars can be your ticket to freedom.

Though these kinds of disabled cars are available to West Bromwich residents, it is not very common. Getting wheelchair-accessible cars in which users ride as passengers is much easier. There are many car models of different sizes available with a variety of options. For instance, you can decide if you want to gain access to the vehicle by wheeling yourself up a ramp or being conveyed by an electrical lift.

Lift and manual ramp

West Bromwich wheelchair users can also choose whether they want to enter their disabled cars from the back or side. The former is more readily available, especially with medium-sized and bigger car models. A number of the smaller wheelchair cars have the option of wheelchair users boarding from the side. This is a handy option of you will be embarking and disembarking from the kerb. Those with the luxury of personal parking spaces or garages can go with the ones that are boarded through the back door.

Selecting between the lift and manual ramp can be a tough choice in light of the pros and cons of each. While the ramp is cost-effective, it can pose a challenge to those who can’t push their wheelchairs up the ramp. These are just a few of the choices wheelchair users will need to grapple with before arriving at a decision.

This wheelchair accessible vehicle makes life easier for wheelchair users

There are times when you need to travel with minimal supervision especially if you are in a rush. This is not possible for wheelchair users because they need assistance in a lot of activities that they do. With a wheelchair accessible vehicle, travelling is made easier for them. There is no need to hire someone who will work as your personal assistant and there is no need to feel bad about your condition. This car can help a wheelchair use attain a milestone in his or her life; to board a vehicle with little help.

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