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Disabled Wheelchair Cars Dover

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Gone are the days you had to endure the stress and strain of getting out of your wheelchair to get into a car. Disabled cars in Dover have been developed to help you get on and off vehicles without leaving your wheelchair. You can now board, ride and debark from a car smoothly all while comfortably perched in your wheelchair.

There are two kinds of disabled cars in Dover; those with ramps and those with lifts. The ones with ramps are more readily available. With these, you will be required to wheel your wheelchair up a ramp, though it is designed with a gentle incline. In fact, some disabled cars will have lowered floors purposely to decrease the gradient the wheelchair has to climb. Though it is not too steep, getting a motorised wheelchair up some ramps may be a challenge.

Second kind of disabled car

This is why some people opt for the second kind of disabled car, which has a winch to lift the wheelchair into the car. Though commonly disabled cars have a provision for the wheelchair in the back, some have it at the front next to the driver. These are not common but they are available.

Safe and comfortable for wheelchair users

To keep you safe and comfortable in the car, these specialised vehicles will have a seat belt you can strap on. The wheelchair itself will be held in place in a special dock where it fits or by straps made for this purpose. Smaller disabled cars in Dover are made with low floors to take in the wheelchair and still leave enough headroom for the passenger. All these features are put in place to reduce the risk of you injuring yourself while riding along in your wheelchair.

Seeing as disabled cars in Dover have different features, you need to take the time to test drive any potential choices before making a decision.