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Disability Vehicles in Solihull

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Normal cars are not built to accommodate wheelchairs and this is a great inconvenience for wheelchair users who wish to get around freely. They mostly have to rely on other people to get them out of their wheelchairs and into the car seat. Now with disability vehicles in Solihull, this cumbersome exercise can become a thing of the past.

These cars are specially designed to allow you to board them while still seated in your wheelchair. Using either a lift or a ramp, these disability vehicles allow wheelchair users to Solihull to get into a car without risking injury to themselves or enduring massive discomfort. They also give wheelchair users a greater sense of independence as they won’t need assistance for such transfers.

Makes life easier and offers a greater degree of independence

The degree of independence it affords the user is one of the considerations you need to think through while shopping through disability vehicles in Solihull. Those that work with a ramp will need another person to unfold it before you can wheel yourself up into the car. And though the gradient of the ramp is usually small, some wheelchair users might find it hard to push themselves up it.

Should you wish to get into the car without anyone’s help you might consider investing in one with a lift. With this variation, you need only wheel yourself onto a flat platform which then lifts you and the wheelchair into the vehicle electrically. While this feature makes life easier and offers a greater degree of independence, it has its drawbacks. Chief of these is the electrical operation, which has a higher chance of malfunctioning than the manual ramp.

Pennywise wheelchair users in Solihull will also note that lift-operated disability vehicles cost more than those that use ramps. Factor in this bit of information before you decide which vehicle to buy.